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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Clause or Santa Holy Crap!

Brock did not like Santa this year. Last year he didn't mind him so much, just kinda played with his beard. I love this picture, I am laughing at Brock's reaction
He was ok after I gave him the complimentary candy cane. Here is a little family pic of us at the ward Christmas Party.
Oh we also shaved Brock's head. Now he looks like a little boy instead of a baby :(
He was making funny faces at us during dinner so we had to snap a few. We would laugh then he would make a funnier face. He looked so proud of himself for making us laugh.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twilight...At Last

Well last night I finally made it to Twilight. A few girlfriends and I went to the late show. I thought I would share a small review on the movie.
I was not disappointed. I thought that the actors who portrayed Bella, Edward, Alice, Emmett, Rose, Esme,Charlie were fantastic. I thought Bella and Edward did a great job of showing the tense yet fated interaction we feel so powerfully in the book. But, why they cast a man who has a very rodent-like face as Carlsle, I'll never know. He's supposed to be good looking. I say they go with John Stamos. And what was with Jasper looking like a scared little wimp the whole movie? Isn't he supposed to be the war buff? I understand he's the newbie, but instead of looking restrained, he looked like he was scared half-to-death most of the time. Oh, and I am going to have a talk with my niece Brenna who is a JR in high school. Do high school boys really act that immature or am I just that old. Sigh...
I found that like the book, when the movie was over, I wanted to rewind and start it all over. 
Go See It!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How Do We Eat Breakfast?

Seriously, this kid loves to be naked. If I wasn't afraid that he would wizz all over the place, I'd let him bare all more often.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The New Teddy Bear

Hello family! Hopefully everybody had a great holiday. We had a lot of fun. We had Thanksgiving dinner with the "WWAMI-ly" and it was great fun. I don't think I saw Brock all afternoon as he just ran around and played with his little friends. The food was amazing-thanks so much to Michelle- I took a few pictures, but they are on the other computer, so I will post them later. 
Ever since Brock has slept in his crib at night, Tim and I have had a little tradition of peeking in on him before we go to bed. He always looks like such an angle sleeping in his bed and it is fun to see all the crazy ways he can sleep. Here is what we found this morning...

He was all curled up around this roll of wrapping paper. First of all-where did this  wrapping paper come from? I have no idea how he pulled it in his crib, but he was pretty wrapped around that roll. 

Here is Tim and Brock before church last Sunday. I thought Brock looked so cute in his Christmas sweater that I had to take a picture. 
He loves to sit on my lap like this. He also loves to go with out any clothes.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Today is me and Tim's 4th anniversary. Crazy, I know. Time goes by so fast! I was originally going to do a somewhat comic post about how much I love him and reveal some of his more questionable habits that I have grown to accept and love over the years. But, that will have to wait. I'm just going to gross everybody out and gush over how much I love my hubby! He is so giving and always makes me smile and laugh. I couldn't imagine my life any other way. We had been talking about getting me my own computer since I am trying to start my own little business and I basically steal his all day. But, I am high maintenance apparently because after using Tim's Mac Book Pro I wasn't going to settle for anything less (can you say$$$). So we had been researching Craig's List and not having any luck. Tim convinced me it was just too expensive for us right now. If any of you know Tim, he hates to spend money. I thought I was going to have to take him to the emergency room for oxygen after we bought our car because he was turning blue on the way home. Anyway, I was a little bummed, but figured I could keep using Tim's Mac until something came up on Craig's List. 
So this morning I went out shopping with my girlfriend. It was raining today, so the bottoms of my pants were soaked (which really bugs me) so I went into our room to change, and this is what I find...

I simply could not believe it... Tim made the bed?!?! Just kidding. But hello? A BRAND NEW MAC BOOK!!!! At first I didn't believe my eyes (what a cliche, but I really mean it) and I ran out to Tim and asked if it was real. 
"of course it's real"
 "well They were selling the boxes on craig's list...(honestly though who would buy that?)
And it is real. In fact I'm using it right now... So I give Tim a huge hug (with tears, really, I was just so blind-sighted!) And he says Happy Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday and Valentine's Day. Which, is fine by me.
So instead of embarrassing Tim with little anecdotes, I'm going to tell the world that I have the best hubby ever and my gift to Tim is promising to never bring up the time he forgot my birthday or V-day (2 times) or our first anniversary. I use this a lot to get him to buy stuff (I know I'm evil) and I promise to lay it to rest forever more the day he bought me a MAC!!

Ok and what you really visited this site for---Brock. He makes this face on command. It's hilarious! 

He loves cars and trucks. Dig Dig Dig is a favorite book. Thanks Aunt Gina!
He also loves to drink what ever we are drinking. This is rootbeer I promise. But man, look how he can throw it back!

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Tim you rock, I love you long time. Thanks for putting up with me and all my antics.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

National Adoption Day

Today is National Adoption Day. Many of you know why this would be significant to  me and my family. I think it is a very touching thing when a mother has the courage to make the right choice for her child. Too many times unfit mothers keep unwanted babies for various reasons and it just breaks my heart every time. I feel deeply lucky that I had a birth mother who was strong enough to make the right choice. As a result, I got the best parents in the world and all the blessings and opportunities of an eternal family. I also have to say, that some teen mothers turn out to be amazing parents, but that doesn't happen a lot. Anyway, my parents just sent me these pictures, and I had to scrap them. This little boy was lucky enough to be adopted at 4 months. My mom said then when she would visit him in his home he was just sad, unhappy, and dirty. Look how radiant he looks after getting sealed to his family. I think the photos speak for themselves, but I put them in a LO anyway.  
This kit will be available to download for free here on Durning this next week. It's actually a Christmas Kit, but I think it worked well here. It's called Love and Joy.

Have a great National Adoption Day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rice Crispy Treat Beard

So, I let Brock eat his first rice crispy treat. When I went to clean him up he had crispys EVERYWHERE! It took me longer to clean him up than it took him to eat the dang thing. And No, he did not enjoy the cleaning as much as the treat either. I literally had to pull them off his belly and they were so stuck on that it left red marks. Anyway, I had to take a few pictures!

On Veteran's Day Tim didn't have to go to school. So we took the opportunity to have a family day. We went to the Children's Museum and Brock had so much fun!
Me and Brock under the Space Needle.

Brock went down this slide over and over again.
All he wanted to do was drive these huge cars. He loves cars!
He also likes baking apparently. This is his favorite cupboard. He gets out all the baking stuff, stacks it and them puts is back in the cupboard. It was fun till he spilled a bag of powdered sugar!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grandpa's Pants

Hey! Just a quick post. I released my new it over at my other blog. It's called Grandpa's Pants and is a funky kit with and antique touch. Go check it out! I have released the papers and elements so far. I also have Christmas goodies too!
Here is a LO I did with the kit.

I also make lots of fun blog backgrounds. Including the ones on both my blogs. I make new ones every week, so check them out!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have been so busy that I forget to mention something, I have made and released my first kit!!! Yay! Here is a LO I did with it and below it are the previews of the kit. If any of you are digi-scrappers (and I know that some of you are) hop on over to my other blog and download this free (did I say free?!!) kit! Thanks! Have a great day!

If anybody happens to make anything with this, email it to me because I would love to post it!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hello all! Here are a bunch pictures of what we have been up to. Remember I told you that Brock was in swim lessons? Well Friday was his last lesson and Tim finally came to take some pictures. Poor Brock, last lesson and I forgot his swim suit! So he had to go in just his swim diaper!
He loves the pool. He is a crazy splasher. I feel bad for anyone with in a 4 ft radius.
These are my swim buddies. Mandi and Haylie and Mandy and Finn. Brock is crying because it is the end of the lesson and he is freezing! We usually go into the sauna, he loves that.
Cute huh? 
Brock likes to float on his back.
Sunday naps. Always a good thing.
Here are our Halloween Pictures. Brock was a bat.
I love this wing action!
Trunk or Treating with Owen Walker

Here are a few more fall photos.

Here are my most recent Scrapbook LO's. You should check out my other blog. I'm about to release something fun!

Here is poor quality video. Enjoy!
PS- Help feed a starving med student and click on a few adds. Just a click is all it takes :)And I invite any who doesn't believe that Tim is starving to come over and see him shirtless.