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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hello all! Here are a bunch pictures of what we have been up to. Remember I told you that Brock was in swim lessons? Well Friday was his last lesson and Tim finally came to take some pictures. Poor Brock, last lesson and I forgot his swim suit! So he had to go in just his swim diaper!
He loves the pool. He is a crazy splasher. I feel bad for anyone with in a 4 ft radius.
These are my swim buddies. Mandi and Haylie and Mandy and Finn. Brock is crying because it is the end of the lesson and he is freezing! We usually go into the sauna, he loves that.
Cute huh? 
Brock likes to float on his back.
Sunday naps. Always a good thing.
Here are our Halloween Pictures. Brock was a bat.
I love this wing action!
Trunk or Treating with Owen Walker

Here are a few more fall photos.

Here are my most recent Scrapbook LO's. You should check out my other blog. I'm about to release something fun!

Here is poor quality video. Enjoy!
PS- Help feed a starving med student and click on a few adds. Just a click is all it takes :)And I invite any who doesn't believe that Tim is starving to come over and see him shirtless.


tyler and emily said...

Very cute pictures! I love the bat costume too. (I can't wait to dress up our kids for Halloween)
I think it's a great idea that you took Brock to swimming lessons. I think we'll do that when our kids are young. Do you recommend it?

NatalieD said...

What an adorable and good-natured little boy is Brock! Love the photos!

Jeff and Melissa said...

Cute cute pics! Hey, can you e-mail me the one of Owen Trunk or Treating? I didn't take a camera and consequently have no trunk-or-treat photos. Thanks!