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Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday Boy!

We finally got Tim back this weekend and it's so nice! We missed him tons! A month is a long time with out a Daddy. We have been having a ton of fun since he got home. Washing the car~

We went to the train dept with my parents. Brock wanted to show my parents the train. He loves it! Here at the rocks. Me and my 38 week belly!

Brock's birthday was the 4th of July! We had so much fun opening presents with my parents. Here the boys are with the sparklers-
His favorite presents- Woody and Buzz! He loves these guys. It's cute to see his play. He kept making them kiss though... LOL Don't know where he picked that up!
He kept telling Tim, open it quickly!

Almost burned his lips off trying to blow out the candles~
He was so excited about his cake and presents. I had his cake in the fridge because it was so hot in the house and he kept opening the fridge to check on it, show it to Me-mah or Papa. It was cute.

I can't believe Brock is 3 years old now! I have to say that I think the saying Terrible Two's is a farce. Brock was a perfectly pleasant 2 year old. 3? I am not sure what this year will bring. Independence for sure. Brock wants to do everything by himself! Here are a few other things about Brock at this age-
- He loves Trains still. Plays with them every single day for hours. Although Woody and Buzz have encroached on that time lately.
- He is very social. He loves to play with any kids anywhere.
-He is quite talkative. He says the funniest things "Delicious!" "I need you me" "Love you bye bye" "I lost my daddy" and "my tummy hurts" - only when he wants food.
- He loves to help out. He cleans up his toys really well and loves to help sort laundry.
- He loves to sing. He now sings songs to me when he goes to sleep instead of me singing to him.

This is just a small sample, he is so silly! I love this little boy, he certainly keeps life interesting!