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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Bittersweet Farewell

As much as I have looked forward to this day, I can't believe it is time for us to leave Seattle. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond ecstatic to get back to Idaho, but now that the moving day is literally around the corner, I find myself thinking of the things I am going to miss about this place. Here is a short list~
1. Trader Joes

I love this grocery store. It is tiny and totally hippie. But I love the prices and the organic food. I am really going to miss walking to this place a few times a week. Plus the people here are really nice. (Unlike all the other Stuck up places by my house. And I am being very serious!)
2. The water
I know Tim and I complained quite a bit about what a pain driving is due to the water, but it really makes for a beautiful city. For some reason I am feeling sad to leave the ocean. Even though it's not
right in Seattle, we visited a few times and I really, really enjoyed it. I think I could have been a beach bum in another life.

3. The Olympic Peninsula. I am SO bummed we
did not get to do this more! I could really live in
Sequim. Love it there. Tim and I have plans to vacation here someday {soon hopefully} and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Seattle. Heck, I'd skip Seattle all together and spend the whole vacation here!

And I am sure I had more of a list in my head, but i cant remember now. Ha Ha. I really do want to move back home! But, just to keep in with the list, here are a few things I will NOT be missing
1. Traffic
2. Mean People
3. People asking me if I am Brock's Nanny (seriously)
4. People looking down on me when I say I am his Mom
5. Mean People
6. Everything is PRICEY here
7. Driving at least 30 mins to get where ever I want to go.
8. Dogs in the the grocery store
9. Mean People
10. No super wal mart or winco or Wendy's or any normal fast food with in 5 miles.
I can go on and on and on. But I wont :D. Although, I am glad I got the chance to live in a huge city. I now know I am a small town girl at heart and am pretty convinced that Tim and I will end up in a small{er} town. Even if we would have loved Seattle, I think I would have a hard time living so far away from family. {Special thanks to Natalie and Lance for taking such good care of us!}
Ok I'm done with my little soap box or whatever. Here are some recent pictures put into scrapbook LO's I know you all love!
Here is Brenna. She is such a beautiful young lady. I can't wait to see the Hamilton's!
Here are the pictures from Brock's recent yogurt bath {using a kit I made}
A few more of our family pictures

Here is Brock with his little trains. {I made this kit too]
Anyway, that is what is happening with the Ulrich's. I put a link to a HILARIOUS video. If you love the 80's {uh Lachelle?} or just like to laugh you have to watch this. I have watched 3 times and it still makes me laugh!
Funnny Video

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brock must be Worried about Wrinkles

I think he must have seen it on an info mercial or something. The wonders a yogurt bath could have on your skin. Why else would he do this?
Oh ya, he is a little boy. And I love him more everyday!