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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Bittersweet Farewell

As much as I have looked forward to this day, I can't believe it is time for us to leave Seattle. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond ecstatic to get back to Idaho, but now that the moving day is literally around the corner, I find myself thinking of the things I am going to miss about this place. Here is a short list~
1. Trader Joes

I love this grocery store. It is tiny and totally hippie. But I love the prices and the organic food. I am really going to miss walking to this place a few times a week. Plus the people here are really nice. (Unlike all the other Stuck up places by my house. And I am being very serious!)
2. The water
I know Tim and I complained quite a bit about what a pain driving is due to the water, but it really makes for a beautiful city. For some reason I am feeling sad to leave the ocean. Even though it's not
right in Seattle, we visited a few times and I really, really enjoyed it. I think I could have been a beach bum in another life.

3. The Olympic Peninsula. I am SO bummed we
did not get to do this more! I could really live in
Sequim. Love it there. Tim and I have plans to vacation here someday {soon hopefully} and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Seattle. Heck, I'd skip Seattle all together and spend the whole vacation here!

And I am sure I had more of a list in my head, but i cant remember now. Ha Ha. I really do want to move back home! But, just to keep in with the list, here are a few things I will NOT be missing
1. Traffic
2. Mean People
3. People asking me if I am Brock's Nanny (seriously)
4. People looking down on me when I say I am his Mom
5. Mean People
6. Everything is PRICEY here
7. Driving at least 30 mins to get where ever I want to go.
8. Dogs in the the grocery store
9. Mean People
10. No super wal mart or winco or Wendy's or any normal fast food with in 5 miles.
I can go on and on and on. But I wont :D. Although, I am glad I got the chance to live in a huge city. I now know I am a small town girl at heart and am pretty convinced that Tim and I will end up in a small{er} town. Even if we would have loved Seattle, I think I would have a hard time living so far away from family. {Special thanks to Natalie and Lance for taking such good care of us!}
Ok I'm done with my little soap box or whatever. Here are some recent pictures put into scrapbook LO's I know you all love!
Here is Brenna. She is such a beautiful young lady. I can't wait to see the Hamilton's!
Here are the pictures from Brock's recent yogurt bath {using a kit I made}
A few more of our family pictures

Here is Brock with his little trains. {I made this kit too]
Anyway, that is what is happening with the Ulrich's. I put a link to a HILARIOUS video. If you love the 80's {uh Lachelle?} or just like to laugh you have to watch this. I have watched 3 times and it still makes me laugh!
Funnny Video

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brock must be Worried about Wrinkles

videoI think he must have seen it on an info mercial or something. The wonders a yogurt bath could have on your skin. Why else would he do this?
Oh ya, he is a little boy. And I love him more everyday!