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Friday, March 19, 2010

Here You Go Mom~

As per the request of Grandma-not the first one either- I am getting some blogging done. I have just been busy with the pregnancy { yes we are pregnant, shocking! 22 Weeks along little girl} and I just haven't had too much to say. It has been really nice weather here lately and I have been taking full advantage of it. Brock loves being outside. Everyday after naps I throw him in the backyard and he is content to play for about 2 hours till Tim comes home. It's so nice to have a house that stays clean in the afternoon! Well Wens was St Patrick's day. We had a fun time. One of our friends, Mandi Harris, threw a little party for the kids. It was a blast. Brock had a fabulous time! Here is a little of what we did~
Played with green playdough
Ate green food, I think Brock is turning into a leprechaun!
Decorated Green Balloons
Then we "flew" the balloons like kites. What a great idea! Mandi just made a mock kit by twisting a bunch of kite string around some clothes pins. Brock loved this. He just ran around their front yard with his balloon. In Heaven!

Nope, no time to stop for a picture mom!
Then that afternoon Brock and I were outside for like 2 hours. It was glorious. We had to show off our super cool shades.
And today Brock is showing you the cool way to eat a fruit pop. On a trike with shades.