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Monday, October 26, 2009

Brock's Adventures

Brock is having a wonderful time with Fall. Here is what he has been up to lately~
Raking and playing in the leaves! We have tons in our new house!
Painting pumpkins. I figured it was safer then carving, Much, much more messy though!

Making new friends at the zoo.

Playing with Daddy,
And, hanging with Memaw and Papa. Brock was so excited to have them come visit. I don't think he let Alaina out of his sights for more than 3 seconds! We decided to go feed the ducks. It was so fun, but be careful! The geese literally flocked over. There had to be like 100! It was fun!

So that is what Brock has been doing lately. Tomorrow we are embarking on the journey of Potty Training. I'm sure it will be an adventure. We bought some undies today and Brock insisted on wearing a pair and then putting a pair on his bear, Beast. He didn't understand that undies go UNDER your clothes, however and was positively heart broken when I made him put his pants on. Anyway, wish us luck!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Catch Up!

Yes, we are still alive! We have a had a busy month. We moved to Boise 2 weeks ago and are settling in just fine. We are enjoying Boise so far. I like that it is a bigger city, but not too bad, I don't feel completely congested all the time like I did in Seattle. Tim is so far liking his Internal Med rotation, even though he has to be on 36 hour call every three days. But, he had Columbus Day off, so we had some fun. We took Brock to a pumpkin patch/corn maze in Meridian called Linden Farms. It was a ton of fun. Here is a little bit of what we did~
Brock and Tim went through the straw maze. Brock got lost a few times.
Rode the hay ride. Brock LOVED this. He is into tractors.
We found a great little pumpkin. I asked Brock if he liked and and he just grabbed it and gave it a big kiss! So I guess he liked it! It was funny.
Just sitting in a pumpkin patch.
Giving the pumpkin a little bit of love!
Brock found a pumpkin just his size. He was so proud of it!
Sitting on his pumpkin and guarding the other ones we picked.
We got a Daddy, a Mommy, and a Baby.
They had a little train ride there that Brock rode on. He was in heaven. He LOVED it.
And here is what the maze looked like. We sure love our BSU here. We didn't make it into the maze, but we want to go back because Brock had so much fun!
All you Boise Peeps should definitely check this place out. It is great and pretty cheap. For 3 pumpkins, dinner and the train ride it only cost $15. It was a great way to spend the afternoon.