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Monday, January 25, 2010

I Just Knew It

Have you ever woke up and just knew, today was going to be one of those days? Well, mine started at about 5:30 thanks to Brock. And 5:30 is just no way to start the day in my book. No way. I finally let him out at about 8, very tired and bleary eyed I might add, and we got breakfast. A few hours into our morning Brock is out of sight and I hear the toilet flush. Since he still needs help pulling down his pants, I knew this couldn't be good. Alas he had tried to flush his cereal, cup and all, down the john. Sigh... I had to pick the cup out by myself since Tim was gone. And toilet water is very cold. After thoroughly cleaning my hand, Brock and I had a nice little chat about what is appropriate for the toilet.

Nap time couldn't have came sooner today and I was happy. Although, Brock had other plans because during nap instead of sleeping he found a small bottle of lotion and proceeded to bath himself. Well he certainly smelled good when I went to get him, greasy hair and all. He used the WHOLE bottle and even managed to rub it all in.

By this time I was trying to fix my hair and face up a little {I had pulled most of it out at this point} so Brock and I could go to the store. As I am finishing up, I realize that it is quiet .... too quiet. I start calling Brock's name throughout the house and after hearing no answer started getting panicky. Well I made it to the kitchen and Brock had pulled a bag of chocolate chips out and was double fisting them. Chocolate smeared all over his face and hands he looks at me with a big brown toothy grin and says "Mommy!" Sigh... Pictures coming soon.

Well we some how made it home from the store in one piece and I am starting on dinner. As I am shredding chicken, I hear that notorious toilet flush. Without even washing my hands I rush to the bathroom to find that Brock has tried to flush the entire contents of the garbage can. Big SIGH. Lots of stuff to fish out of the toilet this time. Not fun. Brock was in trouble for that one.

Lets just say Tim came home just in the nick of time. I was about to the end of my rope. I mean really, how many naughty things can one little boy do in 12 hours? It is now 7 and he is getting in bed. Thank goodness, lets just hope he sleeps in tomorrow...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Catch Up

We had a great Christmas this year. It was so nice to have Tim home for a while, Brock was in heaven. This was the first actual Christmas "just us" it was nice but a little lonely too. Here is what our front room looked like shortly after Santa visited~
Brock loved his race car bed. Sweet find on Craig's List. Too bad it didn't make the transition out of the crib any easier. It's like he has discovered that he could open his door and sneak out a million times before falling asleep. Well a child lock on the door and a few nights falling asleep at the door, and he is finally doing great. He is even staying dry all night and we have ditched the pull ups! Just testing out the new bed~
Playing with a "new" {ok hand me down, but he loves it} tool set. He thinks it's Handy Manny.
Riding his "new" {ok $3 Kettler trike we found at the used store, in excellent condition} This was my most triumphant Christmas find and I wasn't even looking for one!
Trying to open a train. As soon as he saw what it was, he yelled, "Thomas! Thomas I see you! I'm coming! I'm coming!" It was funny. He was rescuing Thomas from his suffocating store packaging.
Here is my haul. Tim and I unknowingly pretty got each other the same stuff, BSU gear, board games. My mom did get me the Pioneer Woman's cook book, and trust me, you need this book in your life!
Tim's haul, BSU gear and Board games.
Brock's Haul. Spoiled little turd!
Then we headed to Burley for a few days with my parents. It was a nice and easy visit {except the night Brock escaped his pack and play about 30 times! I refuse to put kids in my bed. I'm just that way} I some how never manage to get pictures with my fam. Sorry Mom, we did have fun though.

Then we headed up to Inkom for New Years. It was both fun and....crappy. Tim got nasty food poisoning the first night we were there and was up all night puking. Trust me I could hear him across the house, he is loud! Poor guy! Last year all over again. Then Brock was waking up in the middle of the night. And 2nd to last night we were there woke up screaming bloody murder. I mean SCREAMING! yup you guessed it, Throwing up. I broke my rule and let him sleep in our bed so Isaac who was sharing a room with him could get some sleep. What a night! But, on to the good times~
We took a silly hat picture. Almost everyone was there. We missed Matt and Lucy and fam though!
Getting tired of the pictures....
Ok, I think we've had enough....
Jay Bird {the stud muffin} showing off his new BSU gear.
And then there was SNOW! I don't like the snow, so I stayed inside, but Tim and Brock had a ball pulling Claire and Dylan around. Tim is really just a big kid. He was having a great time too!

All in all we had a good time. And most importantly it was great to see our family! It is such a blessing to live close to home again! Hope you all had a great holiday too!