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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RIP Stevie

Looks innocent enough right? Just a bunch of change. $1.13 to be exact. There is nothing terribly remarkable about this handful of coins except one thing... It came from our TV. That's right.
Yesterday afternoon our TV decided it didn't want to turn on. Well, it is 6 years old, I thought and it has done this sort of thing before. I called Tim and he said he would fiddle with it when he got home. Fiddle with it meaning take the back off, blow some air around in there and put it back on. Seriously, this has worked before. So when Tim gets the back off, much to our surprise we find a whole pocket full of change- jammed down the the front of the screen. As surprised as we were, Brock was positively giddy to have his spare change back. Little punk. After shaking and rolling "Stevie" around we managed to get it all loose. Although, whether this was the source of the problem we'll never know because Tim snapped the circuit board trying to put her back together{ On purpose perhaps? We have been eyeing new TVs for a while now}. So RIP Stevie. You were 6 years old -bought right after Tim and I wed, for under $200- and weighed about 800LBs. You survived 7 moves and 4 cities. You will not be missed.
SO last night Tim went to Costco and bought a shiny new model- heaven forbid he miss a single football game- and we love it. It's hard to get used to a big clear picture though! Christmas came a little early at the Ulrich house I guess.

On a happier note, miss Delilah turned 4 months old! How fast the time goes! Here are are few things about her. She weighs 13 LBs and is 24 Inches long. That is the 50%. She is much smaller then Brock was. She loves to eat though. She sleeps from about 6:30pm to 5 or 6 am and then eats and goes back to sleep for a bit. That's nice, but she doesn't sleep in the afternoon, no matter how hard I have tried. I gave up. At least she takes a good morning nap. She is starting to play with toys and can be entertained by he brother Brock for a LONG time. Delilah LOVES Brock. She saves some of her biggest smiles for him and he eats it up. Brock is such a good big brother. We are lucky to have such great kids!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'll be Better...

But probably not...
Anywho, as I sit carousing through my friends blogs, I decided it's about time I do something about my own. You would think I'd have tons to say, what with a 3 year old and a 3 month old on my hands. Not to mention Tim, that would be a blog all it's own, if I had the energy. Also, there is nothing to do right now since the kids are in bed and Tim is engrossed in the Hunger Games {I love when I'm right}. But, besides all that, I just need to be better at writing stuff down. Brock is such a silly turd {oh, and I have called him this so many times, he now calls me Silly Turd too} that I need to document the things he says and does. So I don't forget. He certainly keeps me on my tippy toes. Just last week Tim was in MN for and interview. On the first day of Tim's trip, Brock locks the door to his bathroom. Which posts a problem for us all since Delilah cant {or won't} nap in her crib- which means she has taken up camp 2-3 times a day in my bathroom. Strange I know she likes the fan or something. So for the first few days I try having her nap in her room. Not working and by the 3rd day {the day of Tim's arrival} I give up and put her in my bathroom. Brock can pee outside, right. Only Tim's not coming home Sat, he got snowed in and wont be home until Sunday night - late. Ya thanks Brock, you made that week a little more interesting.

It's not all bad though! Just look how cute Delilah is in tights, skirt, and boots. Just ignore the massive wet spot from her constant drooling. And no she is not teething. Just has lots of spit I guess {Silly Turd}
While Tim was off on yet another interview {this time in Phoenix this time for a week}, We visited family. Brock and Papa Jay Bird had a great ole time in the leaves!
And Brock got to go trick or treating with Papa Pearson. Here he is dipping his hand in Mee-Maw's candy stash early. It didn't matter though. She only had like 6 trick or treaters. I gave all the chocolate a great home though!
Tim and I at a BSU game. We got to watch from the top box. It was a little Richie Rich, but we had fun.
*Brock Story- This boy -Silly Turd- Likes to climb in bed with me and Tim first thing in the morning. Not a big deal usually. But sometimes he gets up early. Too early. And on this day is was too early. So he left to go find cartoons, or so we thought. It was very quiet and we got to sleep in for an extra half hour. Well the reason it was so quiet was because Brock was concentrating as hard as he could to paint his nails. He didn't do such a bad job either, but you should have seen the couch! I cleaned it before I could take a picture. That is my lesson for leaving my things out at night!
Brock Story #2- well more like a little clipping- we must go to Costco too much because as Brock was eating some grapes he found some toothpicks and made samples. He was having a grand time until Tim or I actually tried to sample them. That concept is a little fuzzy still.
And Brock. He is still a crazy sleeper.
And Brock. Silly Turd. I just love this smiling face.
And a little old, but here was a family picture on Delilah's blessing day.
Whew, ok I solemnly swear that I will be better at blogging. It's hard because I do the face book thing all the time, but this is better way to remember life's little stories!