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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Delilah...oh Delilah. She is such a little character. Really though. I know you all think she is just a super cute little gal {which she is}, but really, she's a turd. Big time. Brock was such an easy toddler. Never threw a fit, told us no or any of that. pretty much exact opposite. She gets into all sorts of stuff. All the time. Climbs everything. Today- she found the sugar "bowl". I always know there is trouble when it gets too quiet. Here she is trying to look innocent. 
 No mom, I don't have anything on my face.
 Ahhhhh. I see. Lick 'em, Stick 'em annnnd repeat! She was licking her WHOLE palm and then sticking it in.
 I just had to take pictures. Unfortunately, we had some fun taking pictures and she is probably going to think this will be cute in the future...

I never know what this chick is going to do...Like going from sugar straight to the diaper rash cream. True story. It looked like she had white lipstick on. I was too grossed out to snap a pic.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potty Mouthed

Despite the crazy hair and crusty face looks innocent enough right? Well you're WRONG! Miss Delilah AKA the Honeybadger {'cuz she just don't care} has a potty mouth. Oh Ya. Ok well not really. She is a little behind on her speech actually. But, just this week she has really started to say more. I have to tell you first, that Delilah LOVES buttons and switches. When she sees one she wants to push she would just point and get all excited about it. I would then pick her up and say "Button?" Well, the little miss has caught right on...sorta. The other day we are walking down the hall and D excitedly starts to exclaim, "Butt! Butt! Butt!" I didn't know what she was talking about, I mean did my butt really look that much bigger that day? Then she got frustrated and reverted to the the pointing. Ohhhhhh You want to push a BUTT-on. I get it. Ha. Now whenever she sees a button..."BUTT!?!" I have to admit, it's pretty cute to hear a sweet little voice say that word. 

Remember when the B man would count by saying, "A**, *SS, A*S!"? {can you figure that out?} Who knows where he picked that up. But he was about D's age when he started counting like that. So glad he grew out of that! 

And here is a classic Brock face.  All that's missing is his signature eye roll.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Shut the Front Door!

She's blogging again?!?! Well, I don't know about again....but yes, I am back at it...for the time being... As we are all the way over here in MN I really should be better at this. I know you all miss us to pieces. And we miss you too. 

We have been in MN over 6 months now. I can't believe that the time went by so fast. That's a good thing. Maybe the remaining 5 1/2 years will fly by too. {HA} All things considered, MN hasn't treated us too bad. We have the sweetest neighbors. Brock has made some fun new friends. Mom and Dad have even ventured out and made a few new friends. It's so much harder for adults to break out of their shells and meet new people.  I have been going to the same gym multiple times a week since we moved here and just a few days ago I finally met and actually talked to some of the other regulars. It was nice. Residency has been good to us too. I feel like we get to see Tim pretty often. He is home for dinner most nights. The hardest part is when he has to work weekends. Which happens a lot. Then I start to feel like my days just melt on into the other and there is no beginning or end to my week. And don't even get me going on church. Not easy going by yourself, but Delilah just started nursery and it's AMAZING!

In all of Rochester, MN and it's glory, nothing seemed to compared to the winter...uh...what? This year we have been so lucky with the weather. It didn't really SNOW till mid January. And I loved it. The long period with out snow, that is. Brock, however, got a "Sic" {to borrow the vernacular from the kids at the local sled hill} sled for Christmas and has been chomping at the bit to ride it. This last Monday, Tim had a rare day off and we all bundled up and headed to the hill. Brock was so excited. D was annoyed that she looked a little plump in her snow suit and couldn't walk very well.
 "No Mom, this is not a picture moment!"
 "Lemme go!" Alas, not cute pictures for the 2 of us.
 Here come D and T down the hill on her sled. She did like the actual sledding part.

"Does this sled make me look fat?" 
Brock and his awesome sled. He is the envy of the hill. That is for dang sure!
We had so much fun. Brock would have stayed all day, but D was cold and tired. I need to try and find her some water proof gloves.

And just because she is cute-
Last time I blogged was basically a year ago. D was 6months and now she it 18 months! Crazy. she is a total little pill however. Don't let that picture fool ya. Her favorite word is "NO!" and I hear it alot! She also likes to sing. And because The Biebs AKA Justin Bieber is a favorite in this house, she can now sing the "baby, bay, baby OHHHHHH" part of the chorus. It's pretty cute. I need to get a video.

Brock is still the sweetest boy ever. Like seriously. He is just so good. We made banana bread the other day and he said " Oh Momma, I love this banana bread! Thanks SO much for making it!" I don't think he could be any sweeter. I hope it never changes!