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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just a Little

Not much going on here in Bronco Nation. We have all had our turn of being sick. I had a head cold and sore throat then Tim, and now Brock seems to have Croup. Poor guy. This was him last night at 7. Pass out on my lap. He had never done this before, not since he was a newborn! He slept all the way until 8:30! Of course with all the coughing, he didn't exactly sleep well!
The other night we went to a Steelheads Hockey game with some friends. It was so fun! We are planning on going again. Here was a fight right at the beginning. I didn't know that in hockey the refs let them duke it out until someone hits the ice. Idaho took down the bigger Utah man. It was intense!
At the game... yup tim shaved
Oh and here are some pictures from the chocolate chip incident. What a little punk!