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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You know your baby is gtowing up when...

I looked at Brock just in time to see him about to jump on the couch. He knows this is a "no-no". I gave him a stern look and said "Be Good!" He promptly rolled his eyes, threw up his hands, and screeched "I Know!" He then proceed to jump OFF the couch. Whether he is prematurely turning into a teenager or he learned this from his sassy cousin Danika (age 4), is yet to be determined.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RIP, Life Lessons, and Little Blessings{or miracles}

Well I am sure you have been wondering just where in the heck we have been! Truthfully, I have somewhat taken a break from the internet and the computer (yes even scrap booking, gasp!) and it has really been a nice break. But, now that we are all moved and somewhat settled in, I figured I should probably do some sort of an update here! So and way~
Our poor entertainment center. This was the first real piece of furniture that Tim and I purchased with our own hard earned $. He have had it almost 5 years! Unfortunately when we moved to Seattle, Tim broke it :( So Seattle will for ever be it's resting place! He was a good entertainment center. I was pretty bummed until Tim took me to Ikea to buy a new one! Can't wait to set it up in Boise! As you can see, Brock had a ball helping Tim take it apart.
Ok, I don't have a picture for the Life Lessons, but believe me DO NOT BUY CHEAP PACKING TAPE! Seriously, this is not the time to save a little $$ my friends. I think every box that I triple taped with the cheap stuff bust open while loading into the truck! I am praying that mice don't get into our boxes while they are in storage in Boise. Because having to replace all that stuff is a lot more expensive then splurging a few extra bucks for the good stuff.

Little Blessings~
The trip home was full of little blessings. #1 Our Moving truck. I sincerely wish I would have been able to take a picture of the moving truck. I don't know how, but we managed to squeeze a 5 person family, plus us and a single guy all into one 25 ft trailer. Granted that is huge, but combined we have a lot of stuff! I was VERY worried when they brought the truck over and it looked already half full! Without our stuff! Anyway, some how it all fit. I kept telling the guys {Tim, DJ and Mike} that they needed to take a picture for proof in case they bombed their boards. There was no way anything but a surgeons hands could have packed that truck so tightly!
#2. MY truck. Ya'know old red? Yes we still have her and she is still kicking... Some what. She sat for A YEAR in front of our apartment complex. It was impossible to drive that huge thing in Seattle. Anyway, it made it all the way home! I think this is a small miracle as the poor truck is over 10 years old. and another small miracle is that Tim didn't pass out from a) heat exhaustion as the AC doesn't work and b) boredom as he was alone and the stereo doesn't work either!
#3 {#4} these 2 kind of go together. My parents. First of all my mom. I am so gratefull and blessed that she was willing to come to Seattle for nothing but a few days of packing. I know we would not have been able to get along with out her! I also would have probably fallen asleep on the way home! SO thanks mom I love you! And then there is my Dad. The whole time I was begging him to come, but he just said he didn't feel he could miss work. Maybe it was something more. But while we were moving, my sweet Grandma Pearson passed away. I am so glad that my dad was able to be by her side instead of with me. What a great blessing. I am so glad that Brock and Grandma got to meet a few times. She was a sweet and strong lady.
OK enough chatter! Here are a few pictures of what's been going on. Here is Brock and me at Des Moin Beach in Seattle. It is pictures like these that I will miss. Seattle really is beautiful!
This picture is self explanatory. Brock loves to be naked!

Here is Brock at Ross Park. He was having a great time in the kiddie area!

And here we are at hie 2nd birthday. I can't believe my little Turd is 2! He has changed so much in one year. Here are a few things
~ He used to be fearless. Now he is fearful. He doesn't like strangers like he used to and we cant get him any where near a 4 wheeler or motorcycle and he used to love them.
~ he loves to play with other kids. He is so cute! The first thing he does when he meets someone new is point to me and say "The momma?" He is only two and already such a gentlemen, introducing me to all his friends!
~ He is a picky eater! This is hard for me. He used to eat everything we would put in front of him. Now he only wants fruit, cheese quesadillas with catsup, or oatmeal.
~ He is a huge Momma's boy. He is my little side kick and he gives the best hugs, kisses and snuggles!
I can't believe he made it through 2 years with Tim and I as parents!