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Saturday, November 15, 2008

National Adoption Day

Today is National Adoption Day. Many of you know why this would be significant to  me and my family. I think it is a very touching thing when a mother has the courage to make the right choice for her child. Too many times unfit mothers keep unwanted babies for various reasons and it just breaks my heart every time. I feel deeply lucky that I had a birth mother who was strong enough to make the right choice. As a result, I got the best parents in the world and all the blessings and opportunities of an eternal family. I also have to say, that some teen mothers turn out to be amazing parents, but that doesn't happen a lot. Anyway, my parents just sent me these pictures, and I had to scrap them. This little boy was lucky enough to be adopted at 4 months. My mom said then when she would visit him in his home he was just sad, unhappy, and dirty. Look how radiant he looks after getting sealed to his family. I think the photos speak for themselves, but I put them in a LO anyway.  
This kit will be available to download for free here on Durning this next week. It's actually a Christmas Kit, but I think it worked well here. It's called Love and Joy.

Have a great National Adoption Day!


Bunderson Family said...

I just logged on and saw you just updated...I really appreciated your post. Although, I do not have any personal ties wtih adoption, I do believe it is a wonderful thing and I too feel so happy when a young girl or unfit mother chooses to give their baby to a healthy home. You are awesome...and I love your digital scrapping....once I get time I am going to have to download some!!

melissahurst99 said...

I appreciate the parents that have the courage to put children up for adoption that otherwise would not have a proper upbringing. I am glad your mother made the choice she did so we can all be in a great family together!!

Didi & Jason said...

Hey girl. I totally forgot about this. Thanks for the reminder. I was thinkin the other day about one time that some girls and I were at your house......a LONG time ago. Anyways, I was wonderin how your family is doing? And I can't tell you how cute your lil guy is. Took a binky at 6 months? That means there is hope for us!! Macazlyn will be 5 months here shortly. Did you just keep tryin or are there some special tricks?