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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Today is me and Tim's 4th anniversary. Crazy, I know. Time goes by so fast! I was originally going to do a somewhat comic post about how much I love him and reveal some of his more questionable habits that I have grown to accept and love over the years. But, that will have to wait. I'm just going to gross everybody out and gush over how much I love my hubby! He is so giving and always makes me smile and laugh. I couldn't imagine my life any other way. We had been talking about getting me my own computer since I am trying to start my own little business and I basically steal his all day. But, I am high maintenance apparently because after using Tim's Mac Book Pro I wasn't going to settle for anything less (can you say$$$). So we had been researching Craig's List and not having any luck. Tim convinced me it was just too expensive for us right now. If any of you know Tim, he hates to spend money. I thought I was going to have to take him to the emergency room for oxygen after we bought our car because he was turning blue on the way home. Anyway, I was a little bummed, but figured I could keep using Tim's Mac until something came up on Craig's List. 
So this morning I went out shopping with my girlfriend. It was raining today, so the bottoms of my pants were soaked (which really bugs me) so I went into our room to change, and this is what I find...

I simply could not believe it... Tim made the bed?!?! Just kidding. But hello? A BRAND NEW MAC BOOK!!!! At first I didn't believe my eyes (what a cliche, but I really mean it) and I ran out to Tim and asked if it was real. 
"of course it's real"
 "well They were selling the boxes on craig's list...(honestly though who would buy that?)
And it is real. In fact I'm using it right now... So I give Tim a huge hug (with tears, really, I was just so blind-sighted!) And he says Happy Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday and Valentine's Day. Which, is fine by me.
So instead of embarrassing Tim with little anecdotes, I'm going to tell the world that I have the best hubby ever and my gift to Tim is promising to never bring up the time he forgot my birthday or V-day (2 times) or our first anniversary. I use this a lot to get him to buy stuff (I know I'm evil) and I promise to lay it to rest forever more the day he bought me a MAC!!

Ok and what you really visited this site for---Brock. He makes this face on command. It's hilarious! 

He loves cars and trucks. Dig Dig Dig is a favorite book. Thanks Aunt Gina!
He also loves to drink what ever we are drinking. This is rootbeer I promise. But man, look how he can throw it back!

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Tim you rock, I love you long time. Thanks for putting up with me and all my antics.


Manuel and Chelsea said...

Can't believe it's been 4 years..crazy how time flies! Happy anniversay friend! and what a sweet husband you have, to surprise you the way he did-making the bed---ahhh. how sweet. Congrats on the new Mac.I have yet to appreciate the things, they insanely drive me crazy! Don't think I will ever turn MAC, I will be a PC for life sist! imagine our little hit to the chest and then two fingers flyin out...Peace!'s kind of weird-odd and crazy..but I say "Love you long time" as well to Manuel-

peace-home slice

TJ and Mandi said...

AWESOME! Yay for Macs! That must have been why TJ told me I should sell my Mac and buy a new one. He must have been talking to Tim or something :) Happy Anniversary! Also, I just blogged about you!

melissahurst99 said...

awww...Tim is such a sweetie! And oh my heck, Brock is adorable!!

Jewelle said...

A laptop lucky you! I've asked for one for Christmas but I don't think my husband will do it. At least you won't have to fight for his anymore!

Lucy said...

I agree Tim is awesome! I can't believe he forked out the bucks, he is such a tight wad but I'll hand it to you Steph your good at getting what you want. Brock is so cute! We can't wait to see you at Christmas. Happy Aniversary!

Van Tassell Family said...

That is so sweet of him!! What a great hubby you have. Happy Anniversary by the way, I agree about it going by so fast I was just talking about how Reg and I will be married for four years coming up too. It is crazy. Anyways Happy Anniversary you two. By the way Brock is a cutie.

NatalieD said...

Happy anniversary, happy Thanksgiving, and happy Macbook!

Didi & Jason said...

You are sooo funny. Loved the post. Congrats on 4 years. That is awesome. You are a good woman to forgive him for his forgetfulness. My husband went camping on my first b day being married. Then he almost missed the second one but he wanted to live so he didn't. I was ticked! And I have yet to let it go! ha ha Your lil man is just so cute!!