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Monday, December 1, 2008

The New Teddy Bear

Hello family! Hopefully everybody had a great holiday. We had a lot of fun. We had Thanksgiving dinner with the "WWAMI-ly" and it was great fun. I don't think I saw Brock all afternoon as he just ran around and played with his little friends. The food was amazing-thanks so much to Michelle- I took a few pictures, but they are on the other computer, so I will post them later. 
Ever since Brock has slept in his crib at night, Tim and I have had a little tradition of peeking in on him before we go to bed. He always looks like such an angle sleeping in his bed and it is fun to see all the crazy ways he can sleep. Here is what we found this morning...

He was all curled up around this roll of wrapping paper. First of all-where did this  wrapping paper come from? I have no idea how he pulled it in his crib, but he was pretty wrapped around that roll. 

Here is Tim and Brock before church last Sunday. I thought Brock looked so cute in his Christmas sweater that I had to take a picture. 
He loves to sit on my lap like this. He also loves to go with out any clothes.

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Manuel and Chelsea said...

Oh stephi-pooh!! heheh- Little Brock-man is so cute. I love how he is cuddling with the wrapping paper. You best be wrapping his most important gift this christmas with that, too cute..but it doesn't look like it would have been stashed anywhere close to the crib and I too wonder how it got in there. too funny. Yes, we must catch up over lunch or something during the holidays. I don't know how much time I will have I have lots of studying to do. I have to take a test on Jan 2 blah I know, there goes my new years eve...Sad. But definitley before you go back to Seattle we must catch up. How long are you going to be in Burley? I can't wait to see the other buttcheek whom I haven't seen for several months. I must say Tim looks a lot older with all that facial hair he has going on-