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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Twilight...At Last

Well last night I finally made it to Twilight. A few girlfriends and I went to the late show. I thought I would share a small review on the movie.
I was not disappointed. I thought that the actors who portrayed Bella, Edward, Alice, Emmett, Rose, Esme,Charlie were fantastic. I thought Bella and Edward did a great job of showing the tense yet fated interaction we feel so powerfully in the book. But, why they cast a man who has a very rodent-like face as Carlsle, I'll never know. He's supposed to be good looking. I say they go with John Stamos. And what was with Jasper looking like a scared little wimp the whole movie? Isn't he supposed to be the war buff? I understand he's the newbie, but instead of looking restrained, he looked like he was scared half-to-death most of the time. Oh, and I am going to have a talk with my niece Brenna who is a JR in high school. Do high school boys really act that immature or am I just that old. Sigh...
I found that like the book, when the movie was over, I wanted to rewind and start it all over. 
Go See It!

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