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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rice Crispy Treat Beard

So, I let Brock eat his first rice crispy treat. When I went to clean him up he had crispys EVERYWHERE! It took me longer to clean him up than it took him to eat the dang thing. And No, he did not enjoy the cleaning as much as the treat either. I literally had to pull them off his belly and they were so stuck on that it left red marks. Anyway, I had to take a few pictures!

On Veteran's Day Tim didn't have to go to school. So we took the opportunity to have a family day. We went to the Children's Museum and Brock had so much fun!
Me and Brock under the Space Needle.

Brock went down this slide over and over again.
All he wanted to do was drive these huge cars. He loves cars!
He also likes baking apparently. This is his favorite cupboard. He gets out all the baking stuff, stacks it and them puts is back in the cupboard. It was fun till he spilled a bag of powdered sugar!

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Van Tassell Family said...

Oh my goodness! Hey cute family. I can't believe how big your cute little boy is. They grow up so fast. We miss you guys and would love to catch up.