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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Fun!!!

Hello everyone!
I feel like I have been neglecting my personal blog because I have been so busy with my scrap blog. Sorry!
Friday we went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. We were hoping to get some nice fall photos for the christmas card. Brock had vastly different plans. The garden was beautiful and it was a perfect fall night. Brock was so happy to explore everything. But, did not want to sit still for even 1 second to snap a family photo. Here's what happened...
Ahhh cute couple. Lets add the baby.
This pic just cracks me up. This is how it was when we tried to pin him down for a picture!
Random...This weird plant had huge thorns... Anyway
Just leading the way having a good ol' time!
Oh the ever enticing stair climb.
See Ya!
Group photo! Hey at least he's smiling this time! And my girlfriend Jo, is like 6 months pregnant! Ya, I hate her too! Jk but seriously, if she goes the whole time with out breaking out maternity pants...
I have been personally lazy these days. I mean, I do stuff (work, exercise, clean, scrap) but, I have been neglecting doing my hair, make-up or wearing cute clothes. I'm sorry but yoga pants are just too comfy! Anyway, either Tim hasn't noticed (most likely) or he knows better (if you know Tim then, ya HaHa) but he hasn't said anything. So here is proof that I still know how to apply mascara! I'm sure this look will be ruined  oh about 2.5 seconds after Brock wakes up. But, that's ok, now I have proof. And Tim wouldn't have noticed anyway!


NatalieD said...

You need to take a canoe trip in Lake Washington (probably without Brock) while the weather is still relatively nice.

Ted and Annette said...

Can you believe I just discovered yoga pants! I agree, too comfortable.

Mary Lynne said...

Hi Stephanie,

You may not remember me...I found the link to your blog on Melanie's blog. (In case you are wondering who I am...we're cousins...your Grandpa Carmen and my dad are brothers.) I've actually checked out your cute blog before, but I also just came across your scrap blog through Digi-Designs by Nicole. I just wanted to tell you that I love your designs...both your layouts and blog backgrounds. Great work and thanks for sharing your talents! I started digital scrapbooking a couple of months ago and have become addicted!

Didi & Jason said...

Steph...I had to laugh about your comment of no make up and not doing your hair. I have been the same way this week. Good thing our husbands love us no matter what. Your blog is cute, and so is your little guy. Getting big!