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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why I never Grocery Shop Alone

What is it with boys???
I usually try and take take Tim with me when I buy more than a few items at the grocery store. Why? Because it is impossible to make more than one trip in and out of the apartment to retrieve bags from the car when Brock is involved. Tim is like the Grocery Bag Bandit, because no matter how many groceries we buy, Tim can somehow make it inside with every bag on his arms. Amazing? I think so. I didn't marry this guy for nothing people!

Tim and I are out of food, so I had to go to the store to buy stuff for dinner. The actual shopping process was great, but once I got home, I tried to be a Bandit and put all the groceries on my arms. Brock didn't have shoes on, but I figured he could walk the few paces to the door. Dirty socks are the least of my worries. So I make it to the door (and now is about the time Brock usually runs in to me in excitement to climb the stairs) and unlock it and notice Brock is not behind me. I turn around to find him laying on his stomach drinking a puddle of rainwater OFF THE GARAGE FLOOR!!! I shriek at him to get up an follow me inside, but he just smiles big and dips his head down for another (refreshing?) gulp of water. So in my haste I throw all the groceries in the door (As my fresh loaf of french bread lands in a puddle)  and make a mad dash to Brock. Oh wait! I left my keys in the hallway! Luckily, I caught the door before it shut all the way and grabbed my keys, giving Brock the opportunity  for a few more drinks. I snatched him up and muffled as I was by the whole thing, managed to make it up the stairs and in the door with groceries and baby in arms. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I would have taken a pic, but it was just too disgusting. 

Anyway, I know you are all laughing by now, and I think after writing about it, I can too! 
But, if for some strange reason you aren't laughing, this movie of Brock should do it. I love his laugh. I makes me smile every time!


Ted and Annette said...

Brock has gotten so big! And that is a hilarious story! Hope you are enjoying Seattle!

melissahurst99 said...

I am sure laughing!! I think I would have reacted the same way with Grace as a baby. Now (you would think I was somewhat experienced or something for saying this) I would just laugh, get all the groceries in the house while the baby quenches his thirst and then bring him in!! LOL!! I love stories like this!!

Cortney, Duane, and Zach said...

I'm glad you wrote that story down! It's hilarious! And that video of him laughing is so much fun too.