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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Real Men Vacuum

Brock loves to vacuum. It makes the job a lot slower, but hey when both the men in my life are cleaning, I don't complain. 

Brock has had a runny nose lately. I had to take a picture of this beauty. Wow.


Manuel and Chelsea said...

WHOA! You have 2 men vacuuming, amazing. What's even more amazing...Tim being such a busy med student, still finds time to do the tedious tasks that his dear wife asks of...You know if I were there, I would vacuum for you, just like the old days my friend, just like the old days! I still got it, my mad vacuuming skills are AMAZING!! hahah! no seriously, I improve each time I vacuum which is, if not more than once a week. Making the designs in the carpet, ( you know the straight marks from the lines, when the carpet is freshly vacuumed?) I don't create things, just lines that's all. But the look is wonderful and I love clean floors...okay really I love CLEAN everything, My husband would categorize me with OCD cleanliness, at least I know it's not a problem I have, I recently found out my brother in law's girlfriend is just the same. no issues with me, just a clean person, thats all!

Melanie said...

What a beauty!

FYI...I just tagged you on my blog!