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Monday, October 13, 2008

Announcements, Updates and a few Cuss Words

Hello family and friends! Just a few things.
My announcement: I have started a new blog in addition to this one. I have been enjoying digital scrapbooking so much that I want to share my spoils with you. I don't know if any body will download anything or not, but at least I can give myself another excuse to play, right? Anyway, the website is and I will be posting free Quick Page Layouts, Mini Albums, and Blog Backgrounds. And, in time free kits. I am just learning how to make these and it is so much fun. I think Tim want his computer back though...

As for my Updates~
Brock has been mostly binkie free! He only takes it at nap time and this is mostly for Mom's sake. He is very good at going to bed with out it and does great all day without it. He is definitely talking more now adding words like bite, ball, and bye. He likes the B words for some reason. As for an update on me, well since that last post I have decided to give up diet coke and as much candy as I can handle. I am proud to say I haven't had a coke since that post. I haven't gone this long with out 2 cokes a day  since I was pregnant! So YAY ME!!! Also, I have cut way back on sweets. Except tonight.... Dang you Half Baked Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream! You will be my sweet and fudgey demise!

And for the Cuss words...
Brock has learned to count... Sort of... Tim will throw a ball to him and count one, two, THREE!. Emphasizing the word three. Brock decided to try counting for himself. But instead of actually counting, he just says a*s, a*s, A*S!! It is so funny! He is so proud of himself and his counting abilities. Oh we love this little boy. He brings  us so much joy and laughter. Even if I have to edit the humor sometimes. :D

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Jeff and Melissa said...

I can't wait to check out your scrap blog! Maybe it'll inspire me to start some digital stuff while my scrap room is boxed! Also - that's hilarious about Brock! I swear that word must be hard wired into toddler vocabulary!