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Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Promising Young Med Student Injured in a Serious Wagon Accident"

Tim and I went to Pocatello this weekend to visit his parents and some of our friends. We were also planning to buy a new car, but when it came down to it, Tim about had an embolism about spending that much money on a single thing. He just couldn't do it. It was comical watching him have a break down at Phil Meader. The sales people spent 3 hours on us for nothing. I guess when we do get around to that new car, it won't be from there. Opps! To more important and more exciting news, I cut my hair! I know I have been tossing the idea around forever, but I finally did it. And I love it. This is a before shot (at Sea World in April so it was a little bit longer).                                                                BEFORE
I cut about 6 inches off! I was worried what Tim would think, but he likes it!
Now, wagon. Tim is actually  ok, but he was getting a little crazy in his dad's wagon. Racing it down the lane and in the driveway. I won't lie when I say I was a little worried he might tip over and disembowel himself with the handle. Hey no brakes! I know it's crazy but that's when the newspaper headline came to me and then it just seemed ironic. Anyway, he's okay and I survived the improbable wreckage.
Ready to go.
And he's off!
Corner where I thought he was going to lose it.
Next thing I knew, Tim had my baby on the wagon with him! I was a little freaked to say the very least. Nevertheless, Brock lives on the wild side and quite enjoyed the ride. He wanted to go again and again. But,much to my relief he settled on Dad pulling him around with mom in the wagon. Making him sit. And securely holding him in place. What am I going to do with these boys?

Riding on the 4-wheeler with grandpa Ulrich. Notice the BSU flag? Go Big Blue!
Riding the wagon with mom.
Racing with dad. Notice how Brock is unrestrained? Can you say heart attack for Me?
He didn't want to get out. He was laughing pretty hard.
On the scary turn. Thank goodness I still have both my boys!

I thought I would let everybody know that Brock is feeling much better. Unfortunately, Tim and I contracted his illness and felt crappy all weekend. Dr. Timmy even looked in my ears and said I have an infection. Hopefully we will all be back to 100% soon, because it is no fun being sick!


Mom said...


Abby Rae and Jared McKell....... said...

Love your hair steph!!

Over the moon said...

Way cute haircut! And as for that wagon...Seth would of done the EXACT same thing. Some things never change, I love it! :o)

Jeff and Melissa said...


I love your hair, it's way cute. I can see Jeff doing the same thing with Owen, boys will be boys!

The Weldons said...

I really like your hair! It sure is scary what dad's and little boys end up doing. Mom's of little boys have a greater lung capacity than others from watching them play with their dads. We'll miss you guys.

Michelle said...

Love the hair. I would have had a heart attack if DJ would have done that with any of my kids. You are one brave mom. Can't wait to see you soon.