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Thursday, June 26, 2008

AHHHH..... Seattle

Hello everyone! It has been about forever since I last blogged, so let me update you all on what we have been up to. Since I last posted, Tim, Brock and I moved to Seattle WA. I actually would have posted sooner, but we lost our camera USB somewhere in the move. Anyway, my mom and I moved up a week before Tim and my dad. And thanks to our handy dandy GPS, we actually managed ok with out the male genius sense of direction (as Tim puts it anyway). It was a lot of fun. We just went to all the huge malls Seattle has to offer and ate all our food on the floor. We slept on an air mattress for a week and watched movies on the lap-top. It was truly a week of roughing it. :) When Tim and my dad showed up, I couldn't believe how they managed to pack our whole house into a tiny U-Haul. I am waiting for my dad to send me the pictures so I can show all of you. Since Tim had been here we have had so much fun. Seattle has so much to offer, we always have something to do.

We went to Bainbridge Island with my parents on Sunday. They loved the ferry. As you can see, Brock no longer is content to ride in the stroller. He would much rather help push it around.
This is Tim and I at Gasworks Park. It is a huge hill overlooking the Puget Sound. It is an amazing view. In the back ground there are tons of sails. People also use this park to fly kites. There were a few people there that day and it was neat to watch all the kites.
The park is called Gasworks because it used to be a oil refinery. If any of you recognize the above photo, it may be because a scene from 10 Things I Hate About you was filmed here. I think it was the paintball scene. Anyway, they painted it to look new for the movie, but the city of Seattle made them remove it after they were done filming because they preferred the rustic look better. Just an interesting Seattle tidbit, compliments Mike Mitchell.  

I thought this was a cool picture overlooking the water. After we took it, I walked up to look over the edge and right down below were two guys smoking pot from a bong! It was the strangest thing! There were like families and little kids everywhere. Apparently cops have better things to worry about then the malfeasance of delinquent marijuana smokers. Unfortunately enough...Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me!

Brock seems to be adjusting to life in the big city just fine. He still loves his bath, is learning to eat all sorts of real food, is well on his way to walking, and has cut 4 molars! As for me, I have managed to only get honked at once (my fault) and flipped off once (not my fault). We also had dinner with my cousin Natalie and her husband. They live in Redmond. It is so nice to know that we have family just around the corner. It makes this big city seem a little more like home.


Higley Family said...

hey you big city girl. i've been checking your blog just about every other day hoping you would have posted about your move, so i'm way excited to see the neat pics. it lookes like an awsome place. it makes me even more antsy to move. not that boise is anywhere near as cool as seattle but it will be nice to have a change of scenery. anyways keep us posted

amy.ulrich said...

You guys are going to LOVE's a great city, lots to do!! I am definately coming up to visit this summer!!!!