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Friday, June 27, 2008

Were Huskies Now!

Today we went and walked around the University of WA campus. The campus is beautiful. There are a ton of trees and really cool looking stone buildings. We walked around the campus for maybe an hour, and didn't even scratch the surface. It's just huge. The fountain below is awesome. In the background is Mt. Rainier. Very picturesque. 

I thought these pictures of Brock on Tim's shoulders were cute. They are such a cute father and son pair. That building straight ahead being built right in front of our building. Luckily, Brock is learning to sleep through lots of noise. YAY!

Giving Daddy "loves".
Brock has this new game that he absolutely loves. If I tell him "I'm gonna get ya" he just bursts out laughing and "tries" to run away. We think it's funny how hard he laughs.  In this video he keeps trying to hide behind Tim's legs. Isn't he the cutest?

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Manuel and Chelsea said...

Brock's laugh is adorable. I love that he is trying to hide behind Tim's fun. Hope your enjoying Seattle, looks beautiful :) Happy Birthday to Brock in a few days....I can't believe he is a year old...they grow up fast