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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grandma has all the goods...

Well. since being in Burley, Brock has discovered many new things at grandparents houses. Lots of fun new activities (wagon riding mentioned before) such as chasing the cat, jumping on the tramp and his personal favorite, climbing the stairs. Grandma Pearson has two sets of stairs for my little busy body to roam. Of course the first thing we did was buy safety gates. At night however, we usually let him  go up and down and up and down. It makes for a good night sleep. I put a few pictures of him climbing the stairs. I think they are super cute. He is just so proud of himself!

Besides the stairs he has also discovered a whole new buffet of interesting food. Any of you who know Brock know that he eats anything, all the time. Honestly, I have never seen this kid full. Among the new delicacies are cat food (he has tried to eat this on 3 occasions that we know of), the cat's water (2 occasions that we know of), salad (which resulted in a large pool of vomit), and soap. Yes he has had his eye on this bar of soap since we got here. Every single time I got him ready to bathe, he made a reach for it. But, being an all-seeing, all-sensing ninja mom, I snatched it away before he could get his cat food lovin' fingers around it. Well, one evening after my little brother (think big and hairy) had finished showering, TIM was getting him ready for his bath. Next thing I hear Tim gagging in the bathroom with the below pictures soap in his hand.
I don't know if you can tell, but there is a bite mark out if the still wet and frothy bar of soap. That's right, Brock took a chunk out of a freshly used bar of soap. Disgusting. But, I'm happy to say that he spit it out in the tub. I guess he won't be using any naughty words for a while!

Playing on the stairs with me.
He totally face-planted it right after this, but sat right up, smiled and began clapping. Future stunt man.
He is such a ham. I swear he just knows how to pose for mom and dad.

Caught red handed trying to make a mess of dad's papers. Doesn't he look guilty?


TJ and Mandi said...

What a cutie!!! We can't wait until you guys get up here to Seattle :) The picture of the soap is classic! Brock has the cutest smile ever :)

Jeff and Melissa said...

That's hilarious that Brock went so far as to take a nibble of the soap. I hope your trip to Seattle goes well, I'll be going through Burley, but it'll be next Monday and I think you'll already be gone!

Higley Family said...

steph your blog is so cute. i can't beleive how big brock is getting! bood luck with the move... and you better keep in touch. love ya tons, shauni.
ps... tell tim we say hi

Bryan and Jess said...

Hi Steph I was reading some of your posts below and I couldn't help but notice that you had gone to Mink Creek... is that Mink Creek Idaho????? Near Preston???
P.S. your baby is adorable! How fun he looks!