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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Mayhem

Well, I don't know how, but we survived Memorial Day Weekend. It is usually a relaxing time for Tim and I at the Lodge. Of course we have never taken a baby up there (last year I was pregnant). We figured Brock would do okay, but boy were we ever so wrong. The first night there we slept in the same room as him. BAD IDEA. He tossed and turned so much that Tim and I maybe got about 4 hours of sleep total. He also got in bed with us around 4. Good for Tim, bad for me. Brock is such a snuggler that I couldn't even roll over because he was glued to the inside of my armpit the whole time. Then the next day he got sick. Lots of coughing and runny nose and CRANKINESS!!! The last night there he coughed all night and would only sleep if Tim or I were rocking him. So needless to say, we lost more sleep than we actually got. And it rained. And we COULD NOT win a game of Canasta. Despite the dire prospects, below are a few picture of the good times we did have!
One of Brock's rare happy times that weekend. He is sitting with "Grandpa Howard" who put a plate on his head and he just thought it was hilarious.
Lovin' my AWESOME plate hat!

We usually do a lot of 4-wheeling on this weekend, but due to the rain, didn't leave the lodge. However, we did take Brock for a ride around the parking lot and although I couldn't get him to smile, he still enjoyed the ride. He loves to steer.
During one of the precious moments of sunshine, Tim decided to mow the massive lawn. We put Brock on for a lap and could not get him off! I would walk up to get him and he would cling on to Tim for dear life. He just wanted nothing to do with me while Tim was mowing the lawn. Hopefully he will be this enthusiastic about mowing the lawn in about 10 years ;-)

The day after we got home from Mink Creek I took Brock into the Dr. Turns out he had a double ear infection and a bronchial infection. Poor guy. So we gave him a shot to speed up the healing process. He DID NOT like that at all. Poor guy. This same day he discovered the stairs at Grandma Pearson's house. If you look above you can see the bruise on his forehead and little cut on my little baby boy's nose. Yup, he fell down the stairs. He had a pretty nasty bloody nose. What a rough day for my little guy. But, a day later he is doing much better. Mastered going up the stairs and the antibiotics are kicking in! Hopefully next year the lodge will be more RELAXING!


Manuel and Chelsea said...

Steph, I dont remember the massive lawn...but I do remember all the four wheeler rides, and the ride thru the man's property and him turning us in..haha! good times and then seeing the man at church... Poor little Brock, I hope he gets feeling better.

Jeff and Melissa said...

Bummer that Brockster got sick for the family trip, I did have to chuckle when I pictured him jammed into your armpit though, I don't think I could sleep with Owen in the bed either. Hope you guys are having fun in Burley, I'm sure by the end of your trip Brock will have mastered the stairs.

Michelle said...

I hope that Brock feels better soon. We miss you guys. The kids are always asking about you and wanting to play. Can't wait to see you again.