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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


A little while ago I made a he said she said scrapbook for Tim. It's basically a little book with a bunch of fun questions and a he said/she said answers. We think it's fun, hopefully you guys will enjoy a little bit of it.

Q. The dream boy or girl in high school?
Athletic, thin, long brown hair with highlights, plain (no frills) outgoing
I liked the skinny rocker boys with a wild side.

Q. Love at first sight?
She totally caught my eye! I instantly began conjuring a plan to steal her away from her then current boyfriend. I knew that I would make her my queen.
No. I thought he was cute and all, but too much of a big flirt. It took me a while to take him seriously.

Q. Biggest surprise about being married?
The flippin' socks at the end of the bed!!
Being so poor!!

Q.His/her most annoying habit?
Leaving crusty dishes out or when she leaves a trail of stuff from one end of the house to the other!
Being obnoxious on purpose! That stupid Meet the Parents karate thing.

Q . Why do you love him/her?
Cause she takes care of me and makes me feel important. She also ACTS interested in all my stories and laughs at my stupid jokes.
Because his smile always melts me and he know how to make me laugh. He takes care of me and most of all because he loves me even when I am hard to handle.

Well this was when we were first married and it's all pretty much the same. Amazing how two crazy people can fall in love and make it work.

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gizcallyomom said...

Ah Steph and Tim!!! I love that I found you guys on Chanc and Randy's blog. You two are so so cute!!! And the little munchkin too!!!!