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Friday, May 9, 2008

One year down and... like... a MILLION to go

Well Tim finally finished his last final of the year. YES! Our first year of medical school was such a learning experience for the both of us. Tim learned all about the body and I learned what life would be like if I was a widow! Here are a few pictures of our little WWAMI journey this year! Enjoy!
ISP ~ Insane Study Posse. Tim spent a lot of time with Mo, DJ, and Alison.

The opening WWAMI social. Brock was only a month old and he and Tony have matching Mohawks.

And the WWAMI Halloween part. Lots of fun and dancing. We dressed Brock up as Broccoli. He was so cute!

And my personal favorite, Nacho Libre and the PREGNANT nun!

Kip and Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. I know, resemblance is uncanny. Tim worked on that mustache for quite some time.

The WWAMI wives eventually wised up and started hanging out on our own. Swimming in the kiddie pool in Pullman was great!

And finally the white coat ceremony. Owen, Jeff, Tim and Brock. Four future Doctors!                                        

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