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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Crazy Week

Poor Brock. He is going to have a tough week. My little guy is used to taking 2 2hour naps a day. Well Monday we dragged him all the way to Seattle in hopes to score and awesome apartment management position (think free rent). Thanks to Lucy for the contact info with her sister, she has been a great source of info. Anyway Brock made the whole 5 hour drive with maybe a 45 min nap because there was people in the back with him and he couldn't just relax. So finally around 3:30 we were making our way to our hotel so Brock could take a nap. He had other plans. He literally passed out on the way over. Mandi and I kept tickling his toes and shaking him, but to no avail. The little guy was just pooped. Unfortunately the drive to the hotel was only about 30 minutes, so he woke up more cranky that to begin with. 
Too tired to even suck on the beloved binkie.
This is his new girlfriend Haylie. She was tired too!
Brock did not sleep on the way home from Seattle either! On Thursday we have to make a 5 hour drive to Boise, then on Friday to Burley and straight from there, camping in Preston! The poor little guy is going to be seriously sleep deprived at the end of the week. But hey, if we get free rent for a year, then a week of crankiness is worth it right?


Jeff and Melissa said...

Man he does look pooped! Hopefully he'll nap better today and the drive to Boise will be bearable!

TJ and Mandi said...

That was a fun quick trip! I hope your trips over the next couple of days don't throw him off too much!

Over the moon said...

Hey Ulrich's! I saw your comment off of Chanc's blog! How fun, we blog too :0)! Brock is super cute. He looks so much like you Stephanie! We just got a job as apartment manager's too, we LOVE it. The kids are super nice and way fun and out-going! You'll love it!

Michelle said...

I think Brock is going to have some competion over Hailey with Jake. :) Jake talks about Hailey all the time and misses Brock too.