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Thursday, September 4, 2008

WWAMI-ly Love

Labor day weekend we had a fun camping trip to Snoqualmie, just outside of Seattle. We were right by Summit. Tim found a huge cabin that 13 adults and 6 kids fit pretty comfortably in. It was so much fun to hang with the WWAMI-ly (WWAMI family, I wasn't clever enough to coin the term, but I'm going to steal it!). We played lots of games, rockband, darts and went on a few hikes. There was two sets or stairs so I didn't even hardly see Brock as he spent the majority of his time honing his mad skills on the stairs!  Tim played a lot of foose (spelling?) ball and playing horse with the little basketball set. 
Here We are, wives rocking the rockband! I'm partial to the drums myself. Singing is fun too, especially because I have no reserve and like to get into it!
Due to the look of intensity on my face I'm going to say I was playing on expert...
Brock had his first taste of Red Vines this weekend. Yum. Here he is in the basketball thing.
Yes stairs!!!
We had just gotten out of a waterfall that we hiked to. Notice how I look like a wet dog and Jo manages to still look pretty. No fair!
Most of the WWAMI-ly at a waterfall. Poor Brock got soaked. It was pretty cool though!

Good Bye Cabin Sweet Cabin!
Tim Sean and Lane playing ball. 
We had so much fun, and just a quick thanks to Mandi for taking such great pictures and then posting them so I could steal them, because the dork that I am forgot my camera! 

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