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Friday, September 12, 2008

Music of the Night

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is enjoying nice weather like we are in Seattle. Summer has decided to make a come back and all week it has been in the 70's. Way nice. Unfortunately  Brock is now on the one nap a day schedule, so he sleeps all afternoon anyway! I still enjoy the sunshine! 

Tim and I had the opportunity to go to Phantom of the Opera the other night! It was so much fun to get all dressed up and go out like fancy people (no vomit on me here!) and enjoy a night out. The Paramount Theater was beautiful inside and the play was amazing.  The tickets were a little pricey, but we figured it would be a long time until we would be able to do this again. I am so glad we splurged! I have been a fan since Jr high. I alway sympathize with the Phantom though. Just give the guy a little love?!!

Brock also started swimming lessons today! All we learned today was how to kick our legs. Brock did not like being on his stomach to kick. He would wrap his arms around my neck and hold on for dear life.  He didn't mind kicking on his back so much as long as he could rest his head on my chest. I think Brock had a lot of fun. The pool was a little cold however, and by the end of the lesson his lips were deeply colored blue! Poor kid. I'm going to have to bring my camera next time so I can show you all. It was funny.

A new Page!!!
My older brother in Pocatello sent me some pictures earlier this week and one of Dani is my desktop background. Sorry Brock for now you've got the boot! Anyway, this picture has been staring me in the face for days and I just had to scrap it. She is so cute and Tim and I are always talking about her, so now all our friends can see who we are talking about. I remember the day she was born, we went to visit her in the hospital and as I held her I looked at Tim with puppy dog eyes and said "Please?". He firmly refused. But low and behold after being Danika's favorite secondary care givers, Brock was born 2 years later. So this is a thank you to Dani for being so dang cute! 
Credits: for the kit called Caberet Punch

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