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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Good Bye Lloyd Christmas

I was pretty hesitant to post these pictures... These are proof that I know longer have a BABY boy. He is now a  LITTLE boy. An official toddler. When I think about it, it almost makes me cry. His curls are forever GONE. Everyone I talk to says that when they cut their babies curls, they never returned. Sniff sniff. I guess I had to cut is some time. But here are the requested pictures for my dear friend Chelsea, whom I am thinking of starting a SPEEDING TICKET TRUST FUND! If you want to donate, let me know! :)

Oh those beloved curls!!!

Half done.
Not even, but its gone, all gone.. He is a lot less sweaty now!

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Manuel and Chelsea said...

Look at that stud! He is still the spitting image of his mamma though..hopefully he wont have a "wetting pants" issue though when he's oh lets say..16 b/c that's one thing he DOESNT need. hahah You and your "restroom" issues have certainly given many laughs over the years. I still laugh about Cheer camp incident...standing in the bathroom..I think this was the point he were thinking Best Friends. B/c honestly, Only best friends would do that. oh Goodness, thanks though b/c your issues have given me laughs over the years (you laughing along with me of course) but it has also started a trust fund :) ahhh how sweet. I think I remember you telling me that when your husband becomes super would buy me a car, I think you can put that nice little chunk of change you would use to purchase the car, straight to the trust fund. when I was typing the word "straight" for some odd reason, "I can't get off going 35" popped into my head. Well enjoy, have a good night and thank you. Come again.