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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lagoon~ Take 2

Tim and I went to Lagoon again yesterday. This time we left Brcok with Grandma and pa Ulrich for the night. I must say, he did spectacular and did not miss us one bit! Here are a few pictures from Lagoon~

Me and Tim right after arriving.
Ma and Pa Kettle
The Ham Fam {aka the Hamiltion's} before Rattle Snake Rapids, where Tim got soaked. It was great.
Me, Shayla, Shelby, Mom and Tim on the swings. I love this ride. It is a classic.
Tim talked me into riding Re-Entry in the dark, let me just say this ride is way scarier at night!
This time we got Old Time pictures taken. It was so fun. Tim was an outlaw and I was a saloon girl. I think Tim's beard fit nicely with the ambience.
Didn't you know? Cowboys don't smile.
Here is the professional shots. I love this one. I am shooting my mom for the money! LOL
And here is one where we are all smiling. Isn't Dani the cutest little outlaw?
We spent Sat night, then got up early to go to Temple Square to hear music and the spoken word. We had never been before and it was really nice. All in all it was a fun weekend. Until we went to pick Brock up and he didn't want to come home with us! I don't think he missed us one little bit! I guess Tim and I should be taking more weekend get aways! :)

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