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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boating and Birthday

Yesterday we went to Twin Lakes with Tim's parents. Twin Lakes is about an hour from Pocatello by a dinky little town called Clifton. Heard of it? Didn't think so. Non the less, we still had a great time
I think Brock had the cream from about 10 double stuff Oreos for dinner. Thanks Grandma Ulrich. :)
Brock is such a master of mischief for sure! He does obey well, but case in point~ He was taking handfulls of sand and throwing them into the lake. No biggie. But then he takes a handful and looks at me and then at Alaina. I just know he wants to chuck it at her. I Say "NO Brock we do not throw sand at Grandma" So what does he do? Well, he doesn't throw the sand, but he walks up to her and wipes it right on her leg. What a little turd. At least he obeyed I guess!
Here are Tim and I in front of the boat. Brock wouldn't join us for the picture.
Me being tough. This is why Brock is so obedient. I lay down the law.
White-eee and Brock. What a cute pair.
Brock loved to drive the boat. Thank goodness Jay is a patient man. Brock kept hitting his hand away when he tried to steer the boat. It was pretty funny.
Tim, uh, enjoying the Lake.
Driving with Papa.
Playing in the lake. Brock had a ball.

Brock and Papa Jay Bird
Before we left. Brock Loves the "Truck". Bye Momma!
And Tim is turning into an old man. He recently turned 28!!! I Surprised him with a new set of irons for golfing. It was really fun because he had no idea and was really excited. Tim generally doesn't get too excited about presents, but he was like a little kid, couldn't wait to get the bow off of them and play! It was fun.


Didi & Jason said...

I went boating at Twin Lakes once upon a time a few years back. It's a great place and there are not a million people which makes it even better! Your lil guy gets cuter all the time. I think he need a "friend" :)

NatalieD said...

Happy birthday, Tim! I can tell you don't miss Seattle too much.