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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I love my little Man!!!

I thought I would just do a quick little post about how much I love my little Brockster. He has been so stinkin' cute lately that I feel like I am constantly scooping him up in my arms to kiss his chubby cheeks (much to his dismay!). Now that he is walking he gets into all sorts of things that often leave Tim and I smiling or laughing. He has taken a liking to this picture of my grandma that I keep on the nightstand. When ever he goes in our room he grabs it and carries it around everywhere. Why? Don't know. He just likes Grandma Beth I guess! He has also started using a plethora of words. The more decipherable include lots of Mama, baba, Bye, ball, this, and (my personal favorite) yum yum yum. He says that when he is hungry or wants a bite of whatever were eating. I don't know where he picked it up, but I think it's funny. He also "gobbles". We haven't figured out what this means yet. 
This is how huge his hair is when he wakes up. I know it needs a trim, but I can't bring myself to do it!
We have to keep our bathroom door shut at all times because Brock loves TP. He will unravel a whole roll in no time. As seen above, he had trailed it all through our apartment before Tim or I realized what he had gotten into.
A new favorite, PB and J! Easy meal, lots of clean up. But, he sure enjoys making the mess, eating the mess, licking the mess off the high chair tray...

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TJ and Mandi said...

You can tell both of our hubbies are gone - we are both blogging right now! I love the pictures of Brock pulling the TP out into the living room! He is hilarious! Kids are so funny! Call me this week if you go to work out. I'd love to check it out.