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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ET the Couch Potato

So lately Brock has been waking up grouchy in the morning. The only thing he likes is to be wrapped up tight in his "lovey" (he seriously is attached to this thing) and sat on the couch until he can properly wake up. I added these photos because Tim made the comment that he looked like ET. I have to agree. Poor kid. What do you guys think?

Seattle has some amazing wading pools. I didn't even know that public wading parks existed. Dang It little Burley! Anyway, we have been going a few times a week to take advantage of sunlight, and tire Brock out for afternoon nap. Brock loves these parks. He is not afraid to walk out in the middle of a group of "big kids" and monopolize the water. Funny now, potentially problematic later. 
This particular spout was supposed to be a sunken ship. 
Brock loves the slide. He wanted to go down over and over agin. He got pretty sad when it was time to go. That is the downside of hard play. Tired and crankiness until he falls asleep.

Brock was using this frog as a drinking fountain. I trust that the city of Seattle uses clean water...
Brock with his multi-cultural friends- an Asian girl, Hispanic girl, Indian girl and the white boy riding the frog.

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amyu65 said...

He is so dang CUTE!!! Looks like you guys are having a great time in Seattle. It's a really cool place. PS--I'm getting married!