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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Popular

I'm having one of those days. Ya know, the one that starts much too early? The one where it's noon and I'm still in my jammies? The one where Brock wants to be my best friend forever and never leave my side? Ya, that day. Today. Don't get me wrong, I love my little BFF, to the moon and BACK, but sometimes a mother just needs a little space.
Brock entertaining Delilah. He is good at that and she LOVES him!

Lately Tim and I have been talking about Brock's TV time. Does he watch too much? Is he going to warp his brain? Will he become obese?!? It's true. TV is the #1 cause of childhood obesity! Before we sat down and talked about it I thought he didn't watch too much. B's TV time went like this- and hour of cartoons in the am while eating breakfast, a movie in the afternoon during "naps" and then Tim comes home and Brock usually watches whatever Dad watches {football, barf}. So that adds up... fast. More that I thought anyway. So we decided to cut morning TV. We listen to Disney Radio on Pandora instead. It's working great. 'Cept one little thing... Brock wants to hang out with Mom a lot more!
"Helping" Mom figure out the new lightbox for photography. No this isn't how you use it.

I love spending time with the little man. But somethings are just easier alone. Like making cinnamon rolls. Brock loves to help me bake. I usually don't mind, but today he turned the mixer on a little too early and a little to fast and well, flour went all over my kitchen. Then I was cleaning it up, he is again trying to help and I ended up getting kicked in the face. Twice. Sigh.
trying to get a picture of Delilah rolling Brock is also trying to get a picture of Delilah

And here is where the internal debate begins. Oh it would just be so much easier to turn on the tube and let him veg out. AKA so I can veg out {or clean, fold laundry, go to the bathroom in peace}. But, if I let him watch a cartoon will his brain turn to slush? I mean what really goes on up there anyway? {please see below}
So after a little thought and after tripping over him twice while trying to put towels away, I myself threw in the towel and decided to turn something on. Word World. At least it's educational right? He knows all his letters and their sounds, maybe he'll learn to read too. I think it may be ok to indulge his television habit every once in a while. But only with good stuff, educational stuff. Which is hard because Spongebob is just so captivating. But sometimes, just sometimes, mom needs a breather.

I do love my little buddy to pieces though. When he snuggles up to me and says "I love you, Mom" -all by himself- He could ask for anything. TV and candy all day and I'd gladly oblige {he loves me!}. Good thing he is only 3 and hasn't learned the master power of manipulation yet. But when he does... I'll be in trouble!


Shane and Amy Jo said...

Yay for blogging! Welcome back.
So TV...I struggle with it EVERYDAY. Here's my problem, Carson is how you just explained Brock WITH the TV. By the end of the day, I am ready to rip my own skin off! He is glued to me all day everyday. It's exhausting. But it's true...the less tv the better. Good luck!

Little Yancey Family said...

I'm currently in the same dilemma with Jaden and the tv. I did soooo good when he was younger but now I get so tired and want to sit for awhile without being climbed all over or constantly whined at. We'll be working on it though. :)