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Friday, December 11, 2009

Thanksgiving and such

For Thanksgiving my Parents rented this fun cabin in Island Park. There was tons of snow and we had a blast. Sadly Tim couldn't make it because of school. Anyway here is what we did~
The Cabin

Brock Swimming with my dad and the girls at the Rec center there. He loves his cousins and they take such good care of him!
Going for a walk. See all that snow? And doesn't Brock look cute in 3T snowpants that are too short?

Me and Shelby at Johnny Saks Cabin and Warm Springs. This place has the hugest fish ever!
Dad and Alex at Warm Springs.

Tubing on a very flat hill next to the cabin. Dani had a blast though!
Eating dinner. Brock wouldn't sit at the kiddie table, so I got to instead.

YUMMO! I love sweet potatoes... or Yams. I guess they are different?

We had fun but missed Tim! We have had some fun with him though. Recently we went and saw some crazy, ridiculous lights around Boise. This one guy starts putting lights up after Halloween, with the help of 2 hired men. Then he pay $1500 for electricity in Dec!!!! It is pretty amazing though. Every Square inch of this guys house is covered.
Brock loved finding all the Disney characters in the lights.

And this guy, the next door neighbor gets and honorable mention for his display~
If you live in Boise you should take the time to check this out! So cool! Just don't forget your hot cocoa!


Manuel and Chelsea said...

So I am happy to see you had a great so sure about all that snow though...looks a little bit chilly! So I loved the christmas lights- we went up there last weekend and as I was reading your post, I was really hoping for the "DITTO" I loved it, it made me laugh- I thought it was very clever...and it's crazy that the guy covers his house so completely- it's amazing- just glad I don't get stuck with that bill- I was thinking he should have a donation can set out. like Rock Creek people do when they decorate for christmas- time and effort needs to be accounted for-

Jo said...

Hilarious, I love the next door neighbors lights!

NatalieD said...

Brock is so big and so cute!!