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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009~

Since I lacked the time and motivation this year to send out a Christmas Card, I decided I could do just as well with a little blog post/ year in review. So if you really wanted a Card from us, just read along, and it will be almost as good as the real thing!

The last half of 2009 was great for us. In July Tim finished his 2 {and thus for worst} year of Medical school. We got to move back to our beloved ID and even got to spend 12 weeks in Pocatello. He is now in his 3 year where he gets to do hands on work with Drs. He just finished his internal med rotation. He had to do 30 hour call every 4th day. It was no fun for anyone, and I got used to sleeping with my little bottle of runners mace {cant be too safe}. I don't know who is happier to see the end of that rotation, me or Tim!
Brock turned 2 and is busy as ever. His favorite things are trains and cars. The train set I bought is the best money I have ever spent. Brock plays with that thing all day every day. He is also POTTY TRAINED now, and I couldn't be happier. It was a rough couple of days but he now has the hang of it and is doing fantastic. His Elmo undies are is favorite and he wants to wear them everyday. He is a busy and loving child who loves to snuggle me. I am so glad I have him in my life.

As for me... same old same old. I started a very part time job, 12 hours a week. It has been really nice to get out and make enough money to cover all our utilities. And it is nice to talk to other adults about things besides how many times Brock went potty or medicine. I have to admit, I usually don't look forward to the holiday season. It is a constant hustle and bustle, with scary roads, and people tend to go a little crazy. Sure I like buying a surprise or two for Tim, but he doesn't get that excited either. But this year is different. Brock is SO excited about Christmas. If some one stops by, he proudly shows off our poor little tree {lights are half dead}. We can't go out with out him exclaiming "It's Christmas!" He knows he has presents and he knows Santa is coming, although he'd rather he didn't. Even though he is only 2 I can tell that he can feel the special spirit that is around during this time of year. I almost feel like a kid again. Tim and I can't wait until Christmas Day, for Brock to rush out and see what Santa has left him. It really is a different feeling when you are seeing Christmas through a child's eyes!

I hope 2009 leaves you all happy and healthy! And heres to a great 2010!

With Love, The Ulrich Family.

And if any of you skipped all the rambling, here are a few photos of what we have been up to lately!
Sledding, Brock had an absolute ball.

Brock is a train fanatic. So we decided it would be fun to take him on the North Pole Express. There is a train company here called Thunder Mountain Express out of Horse Shoe Bend. We went to the North Pole where we got to meet Santa and have milk and cookies. Brock was in heaven for the whole 3 hours. Here he is showing off his ticket~
Waiting for the Train to start. And then an attempted self portrait.
This is what we got to watch on our ride. We saw a deer, bald eagle, llama, ducks, cranes and a weird duck that looked like a penguin. Not kidding.

Brock and Tim {in matching BSU hats made by yours truly} sitting a safe distance from Santa. Brock wouldn't go near him. It was a great experience and Brock LOVED it. I recommend this to anyone who lives in or near Boise, and kids 2 and under are FREE!


Jo said...

How fun! We'll have to do that train next year with Noah. Hope you have a great Christmas!!

Emily said...

Merry Christmas! I think next year we'll send out a virtual Christmas card too.
I love the self portrait picture. And good job on the hats!