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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love These Days

I just love my little boy. Sometimes we have so much fun just hanging out. Lately we have really been into Country music. We will crank it up loud and dance around the kitchen. It is a lot of fun. I tried to take a picture of him dancing with his Churro because it was just too funny. But he wouldn't let me. So here were are just being our goofy selves and having a great time!

Another thing Brock really likes is to talk to his Daddy {or Tim as he affectionately calls him these} days on the phone. I thought this picture of them on the phone with each other was too cute.


Melissa said...

The phone photo of Tim and Brock is so cute! Kids these days....

NatalieD said...

Wow, Brock has really grown in just a few short months!