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Thursday, May 14, 2009

This one's for the Grandparents!

When it rains it Pours, and well, I do live in Seattle! Lots to catch up on. We have been a house of sicky's lately. It seems that Brock and I just switch off on when to be sick. He had a cough last week and now I have a cough, sore throat etc. No fun. Last weekend when we were both feeling ok we did sneak in a little hike. It was lots of fun, until I walked into Stinging Nettle. OUCH! If you have never felt stinging Nettle, it literally feels like something bites you! It really, really hurts! And my legs were stinging and tingly all night long. Not fun at all.
We took Brock to the Dr. the other day for a well baby check up. According to Tim, the nurse who was administering the shots was moving so fast the needles were flying all over the place (I wasn't there). Needless to say, she poked herself. They made Tim wait an extra 45 mins because they wanted to draw blood from Brock to make sure he didn't have HIV or something (seriously?). But, they finally sent him home. Well, later that week I get a call from the social worker at the medical center saying the nurse was freaking out and if we didn't go in, they would get a court ordered blood test. Ridiculous. So I had to take poor Brock in for a blood draw. :( He did rather well, but it still broke my heart.
Ok on to the pictures, Brock has turned into quite the little stripper as of late. He Loves to take his clothes off. Especially at night or during naps. This is what we find all the time~

Luckily he hasn't figured out how to wiggle out of his diaper yet. I do not want a "Poo-caso" on my hands!
This is just a cute picture!~

Ok and here are a bunch of recent scrapbook LO's~
Click here to be directed to my scrap blog if you want credits to these kits.

Here is Amy and Brian when they visited Seattle!
Brock and Owen are such great friends! We are going to miss them when they move

Here are a few of my sweet little Danika. I can't wait to see her and the rest of the Hamilton's. If I am not mistaken, they owe me about 100 hours of babysitting, so I am looking forward to that... { :D }

And here is little Brock. Awwww
Here are a few things Brock has been doing lately, he now loves trains. I bought him a little train set at Ikea and it is his new favorite thing. He loves his "Choo choo" as he calls them. He is talking up a storm. Some of our favorites include ~ "Go get it!" "Night night" "kisses" "jesus" "juice" "snack" and many others. He is always talking, I just can't understand him half the time! He has also became very affectionate. He was always a snuggler, but he now loves to give kisses. Grandparents be warned: Brock loves to give open mouth, wet, slobbery kisses. (Probably why I always get sick from him). I just can't turn him away though because he is always so proud of himself! Just a little warning!

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TJ and Mandi said...

Your scrapbook pages are awesome. Have you printed them into a book lately? I would love to see it if you have!