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Sunday, May 31, 2009

I've Been There....

Yes, I've been.... there. I'll tell you where in a minute. First you have to suffer through all the shctuff we have been up too lately! he he. Don't worry I'l be brief and let the pictures do the talking!
We had our family pictures taken a few weeks back. Brock and Tim had matching shirts, but Tim thought it was a good idea to give Brock a Hot Tamale candy right as we were stepping out the door. Ya it took all of 3 seconds before Brock had red droole all down he shirt.

This is about the only good family picture we got. After 3 hours of church and no nap, Brock was not in the mood.
This one is cute though!

We did get a ton of cute ones of me and Tim, which is nice as we never have pictures of us!
Brock's newest thing is trains. He just loves this train set from Ikea!
For memorial Day, we uh..."celebrated" by having a picnic in our living room. Not quit 4-wheeling in Mink Creek, but Tim had a final the next day and couldn't do anything more fun. Brock had a hoot though.
No better way to eat chips then with a fork!
Here is Brock in the morning, He loves to strip before he goes to sleep, the goof.
This weekend we took a last minute trip to the Olympic Peninsula. It was so much fun. I only wish we would have had more time to play. I really want to go back again. We'll see if I can talk Tim into before we leave!
Here we are at the Dungeness Sand Spit. The longest Natural Spit in the PNW. All of our friends just raved about it so we had to check it out. It was so foggy though, I couldn't see for more that a few hundred yards into the ocean. I kept expecting the Black Pearl to come out!
Brock loved the waves. He had fun walking the beach and throwing rocks with Tim.
On our hike back we spotted this deer, right off the trail. Brock is too interested with the deer to look at me!
Ok, sorry to all you hard core sand spit lovers, but Tim and I were a little bit let down. We went to Realto Beach in La Push (i think you may have heard of La Push) afterwards, and it was SO MUCH COOLER! We wish we would have hung out there all day. Here are some awesome pictures taken from the Beach.
{up the beach there is First Beach and the cliffs made famous by Twilight)
{here is Azkaban.... according to Tim}
Brock loves the waves. He liked to go to the edge and then let the Foam "chase" him. In fact we both got caught and got our shoes wet and full of sand. Oh well!
Big drift wood! The drift wood was amazing on the beach! I could have played all day!
Some one (not me!!!) had put this in the sand. I was tempted to cross it out and write Edward, but though better of it, after all, we were in wolf territory!

Tim climbed up a little hill. Can you see me and Brock down there?
And {drum roll please} I made Tim drive me into Forks. And it was..... disappointing? It is really just a dumpy little town with way to much Twilight pride. Seriously, there were posters everywhere. Even a few shops dedicated to Twilight memorabilia. I considered becoming "team Jacob" just because La Push is so beautiful and much cooler that Forks. But, I didn't ;) But here is the sign to prove it. I was going to get out of the car and stand by the sign. But, due to Tim's immense teasing, and my own embarrassment, I decided not to. BUT, I have still been there!
All in all our weekend was pretty fun. I really want to go back and just stay on the beach. The Olympic Peninsula is a BEAUTIFUL place, and if any of our WA friends haven't been there yet, GO! Skip the spit though and head straight for the beaches at La Push! :)


LauriAnn said...

Yeah, I thought Forks was a little ridiculous too, but you can't not go! The beach looks awesome though. I really like the picture of you and Tim, it is cute!

Higley Family said...

Hey.... i cant wait to see you guys. Tell Tim his beard is impressive! looks like you guys are having tons of fun in seattle....but just wait til you live closer to ME! :)
whats your email? i'll send you my number....

Heidi Bitsch said...

That looks like an awesome beach! I would love to visit there. Too bad Forks was more of a let down. Oh well. :) Cute pictures of the fam and you and Tim too.

NatalieD said...

I hope we can get together with you before we leave on our trip and before you move.

Graham Like the Cracker said...

Charmaine has a picture of herself in front of the Forks sign.

Love your blog Steph!