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Thursday, January 22, 2009

One of Those Days

It's one of those days. Not one of those days, but a good day. It started great, Brock let me sleep in until 8. Then we went to the gym. I thought the day might turn into one of those days because I was not really getting into my workout. I ended up leaving early (don't worry, I got all my miles in, just skipped weights). Once I got out of the shower at home, I decided to make Black Bottomed Banana Cake. Yumo! At this point I had the i-home cranked up and on shuffle. The i-pod was picking all my favorite songs and I was getting in my mode. Brock was loving this happy Mommy and decided to follow me around like a little puppy. While our treat baked, we cleaned the WHOLE house, did the dishes, made the bed, blew dry my hair (which RARELY happens), straightened my hair (NEVER happens) and put on makeup(never ever ever ever happens). Brock wanted to get ready with me, so he practiced putting things in his hair. Such as: baby shampoo, Tim's deodorant, Q-Tips, and some body spray. Thankfully he doesn't know how to open any of this, so it was just pretend. Except for the Q-tips. I think he used about 50. All the while we were jamming out to our favorite tunes and just having a good time! It is one of those days!
Yum, I better not eat all of this before Tim gets home!
I had to take a self portrait of Brock and I. We were having such a good morning. All of this was accomplished by 12. And to top the morning off, while I was g-chatting I noticed Brock was being awfully quiet. When I went looking, he was trying to put himself down for a nap. Binkie in mouth and Blankie in hand, he was trying to climb into his crib, bless him! So I laid him down and he went right to sleep!

It's one of THOSE days!


Annette and Ted said...

I'm glad somebody has it all together, it's not me!!!

tyler and emily said...

Wow that's great! Way to go. I feel like I need more of those days and I don't even have kids yet.

NatalieD said...

File the day in your memory because you may have to wait awhile for another day like it. I'll call you soon (IF I can find your phone number) and we can work out the trip to Whidbey Island.

Misti jo said...

I love THOSE days! They are rare for us but always worth the wait. BTW- major kudos on the training, you running people amaze me.