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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hppy New Year!

We had quite the eventful Christmas this year. First of all, Seattle had record snow fall this year. Tim and I were lucky enough to leave between storms and thankfully the roads weren't too bad the drive home. A 10 hour drive took 12, so it could have been worse. Brock was an angel too. He slept most of the way and then watched a movie. He didn't melt down once. What a good little guy we have. We are so lucky.
We actually went to Burley first, these pictures are out of order. Oh well.

It snowed like crazy in Inkom at Tim's parents house. Oh and everybody had the flu! It was miserable. Everyone pretty much laid around all day and shared the toilet. Except for sweet little Adri who wasn't sick and took care of everybody!
So much snow you can hardly tell this is the lane up to Jay and Alaina's.
Here is the front of the house. It's pretty much buried.
He were some friendly visitors in the front yard. 

Look how much it snowed in about 2 days time!
This is the football scooter Brock got from Tim's parents. He loves anything with wheels on it!
Brock's first experience in the snow. He would wander over to a big drift and just stand there and cry. 
Brock got into a lot of mischief at Grandma Pearson's house.  Besides spilling all the gold fish. He also got into the fridge and discovered the eggs. Sigh... We have a long road ahead of us!

Brock loves cars. He wasn't really into opening presents until he saw there was cars inside!
All in all we had a great Christmas. Brock did have the flu for 4 days, but we still had tons of fun with all the family and were grateful for a safe drive home.
We are looking forward a new year and have even set a few resolution for ourselves. Tim and I are really going to try and simplify our lives this year. We are going to try and buy as little as possible new this year. No new clothes, toys or anything we can find at a Goodwill or Craigs List. We will see how this goes, it's going to be tough, but in these harsh economic times, I realize just how much we really have. I am almost ashamed to say that I can go almost 3 weeks without doing Brock's Laundry! That is a little much! We really have all we need in out little home as long as we keep it stocked full of love!
I am going to try and run a marathon this year. I think this will be harder than not buying anything new! LOL
Have a great new year!


Didi & Jason said...

No fun being sick. we were both sick too. You have a cute lil man on your hands. Good luck on the marathon....let us know how it goes!

Bunderson Family said...

Hey, fun weather, huh? I actually loved the snow, but we didn't really have to drive over Christmas. I was thinking about you guys and if you were able to make it home, I saw the Seattle airports on the news...good thing you drove and made it!! We have been sick since Christmas too! Good luck with the resolutions...we need to set soem!!

amyu65 said...

Hi Steph,

Congrats on the pledge to buy less, enjoy more!! You might enjoy this article about a Colorado couple who decided to stop buying "new".
There is also a bunch of info on a group called "The Compact" that also tries to buy used stuff. It's fun to read about and think about ways to decrease your own consumerism. We are definately going to buy less and reuse more this year. Americans are horrible at over consuming and using way too many resources. Every little bit helps!

Abby Rae and Jared McKell....... said...

Brock is such a cute kid! I'm sure it was a fun age for Christmas...and good luck running the marathon! You're crazy :)

Michelle said...

What cute pictures. I am sure glad that you had good traveling weather. I am glad that you are all healthy.