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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Baby Got Back

Last night we went to the Mariners Game. It was LDS night, which meant that tickets were half price. So Tim and I both got in for $20. We usually think baseball is incredibly boring to watch on tv, so I wasn't expecting much. We actually had a blast. Baseball is so much more enjoyable live. Brock had a good time too, until he rubbed his eyes and got sunscreen in them. The poor guys eye's were red, puffy, and streaming practically the rest of the game. Note to self: hands don't really need to be slathered in sunscreen.
You can kind of see the puffy eyes. Grandma Alaina just sent him this baseball outfit that day. It is blue and teal striped. Mariner's colors! He looked like a true Mariner.
Getting a little tired of the baseball game at this point. 

This is some guy named Ichiro running to first base. Apparently he's a big deal. Every time he was in the field the crowd went nuts chanting ICHIRO! ICHIRO!
Tim and Brock at Discovery Park. Pretty view of the water behind them. 
Natural progression of Brock. Sitting.
The Crab Walk
Tah-Duh!!! He's a standing man. We are now just waiting for him to take his first steps.  

Every first Thursday of the month in Seattle, a lot of museums offer free admittance. We went and saw the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum. Both were extremely entertaining. I had no idea that so many bands started in Seattle. Jimmy Hendrix was born in Seattle. I saw a few of his guitars and his lyric notebook. It was very cool. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Sir Mix a Lot (Seattle's 1st rapper) all got their start here. I didn't know that. In the science fiction museum, I got to see the real Deathstar, ET, and a robot from Terminator II. I thought it was way cool!! I love Stars Wars and Sci-fi crap, so I was excited. I'm a nerd I know... 

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TJ and Mandi said...

Way to go Brock! I can't wait to see him running all over the place soon! Hailey said to tell Brock "hi"!